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Why I’m qualifying as a coach

I’ve wanted to train and qualify as a coach for at least two years. I was encouraged to give myself the time to set up and establish my business first and I’m glad I did. That gave me the time to clarify my thinking about the value coaching can bring within a PR and communications context. Even since I started learning, my thinking has evolved, but here’s where I’m coming from...

Reasons why I’m qualifying as a coach:

  1. This is an entirely selfish one. I’m luxuriating in learning again ❤️ One of the best things about the career I’ve carved out for myself (also: privilege, which I’m endlessly grateful for and will never take for granted) is that it’s given me space to think about what’s next, what do I want to explore, where can this take me? The Barefoot Coaching Ltd course, my mentors, my fellow learners, the reading, the un-learning. I love it.

  2. OK, this is a big one: I’m not leaving PR. I love it, but bits of the industry feel a bit broken and the connections between leaders and their publics feel hollow. I train and consult and practice, preaching the need for leaders to lead their own way out of a crisis, creating healthy cultures to build their reputation and employer brand – only to be brought in on a regular basis to ‘fix’ a crisis / team / situation. Then I was introduced to the Dreaded Drama Triangle...and its slightly perkier friend The Empowerment Dynamic and my mind was blown. As communicators we rescue our organisations and clients on an almost hourly basis, but are we changing anything in the process? As a coach and consultant, I will support PR practitioners and their leaders to lead better, in a more engaging and inclusive way. I want leaders to confidently lead their way out of crises, supported by their brilliant and talented Communications colleagues.

  3. I’m evolving. Whether it’s my age, my life stage, the result of my experiences until now, whatever. I’m quieter than I used to be. I’m more interested in listening than expressing. Handing space over to others (is this also being a parent?). I’ve been slowly but surely calming my people pleaser and hyper achiever, getting comfortable with awkward. And silence. It’s growth and it’s led me here.

  4. I’ve been lucky enough to benefit from the transformative power of coaching and learn from other coaches throughout my career (Anita PatelChaya Mistry and before that, Liz Potter). I’ve made life-changing decisions, backed myself, re-examined limiting beliefs about myself, over-elevated beliefs about others, understood myself better. Learning this craft feels like legacy.

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