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Thought leadership

What do you want to be known for? A great brand, nice products, an outspoken CEO? But is there more?

Great thought leadership speaks to your company's purpose, why you do what you do and why your customers should care.

Thought leadership gets you into the right conversations with policymakers, stakeholders and influencers in your sector. It begins a conversation that your customers, future employees and investors will want to join. 

I work with companies to establish what they want to say, who they want to reach and what they want to achieve. Campaigns that I have launched have secured government funding, resulted in new products that  delivered growth, caused behavioural change and connected companies with the issues that matter to them and their customers.

I've summarised a couple of examples here. Get in touch to discuss your next thought leadership campaign.

Why closing the Word Gap matters

Oxford University Press commissioned research, which showed an early 'Word Gap', or a vocabulary that is below age-related expectations would lead to challenges throughout a child's life. A fully integrated campaign, which targeted the Department for Education and teachers. This led to an increase in funding and nine out of ten teachers saying they intended to change their practice as a result of reading the report. This campaign won the CIPR Best Education Campaign Award.

The image shows the 'Why the word gap matters' report and the resulting media coverage in The Guardian, BBC News website and social media posts by the Departmenr for Education and Alex Quigley.

Academic wellbeing and attitudes to learning following the pandemic

RS Assessment from Hodder Education, in partnership with the Nuffield Foundation, conducted research into the academic wellbeing of Key Stage 2 pupils. The campaign I ran provided a platform for the organisation to demonstrate its understanding of the issues involved and advocate for the need for prioritising wellbeing alongside attainment in education. A truly integrated campaign incorporated media, podcast and influencer engagement, leading to 18,500 estimated views. You can view the full coverage and metrics here.

Social media posts and media coverage resulting from the RS Assessment from Hodder Education report on the academic wellbeing of Key Stage 2 pupils.

Outward Bound supports young people's mental health

Since the pandemic, increasing numbers of young people are arriving at Outward Bound's centres around the UK with mental health issues. I'm working with Outward Bound to surface the need for additional mental health support for young people and highlight the role that outdoor residential education can play in enhancing levels of resilience and improved mental health and wellbeing.

Below the Outward Bound logo, logos from BBC Scotland Outdoors, Schools Week, TES and Children & Young People Now are shown, representing the media coverage secured for this client.
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