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Emma Duke, Strategic PR Consultant, sits in her office looking away from the camera. In the foreground there are some flowers.

Emma Duke,
Strategic Communications Consultant & Coach

I'm an award-winning Chartered communicator, Coach, trainer, mentor and writer.

I provide strategic Public Relations and Communications consultancy to leaders and organisations. With over 20 years of experience in public relations, I will listen, learn and work with you to communicate more effectively, connect authentically and - ultimately - grow.

I'm also a Coach, trainer, mentor, writer and board trustee. I thrive on connecting people, understanding their motivations and supporting their growth - personally and professionally.

With values such as fairness, courage, fun and authenticity, I help leaders navigate complexity.
 You can read about the kind of work I do, what my clients and collaborators say about me and then, if you're interested, get in touch.  

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