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A child wearing a ballet dress spins around a room, she's carrying a skipping rope.
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I used to work in a place. It was a lovely place, full of really lovely people who cared a lot about what they did.

Sadly, the place was run by people who were terrified of failure. While this fear is entirely understandable, human and relatable, it is your response to that fear that makes the difference between running a great organisation, full of learning, growth and support for each other - or a toxic one, full of blame and isolation...where vulnerability is scary and an invitation for criticism rather than support and elevation.

Really sadly, this place isn't alone. There are too many organisations where the fear of failure creates icicles in the corridors and boardrooms.

I trained as a Coach to ensure that Every Single One of my clients goes about their lives knowing their worth. Knowing that the learning they've taken from mistakes, accidents or bad choices* are what make them brilliant and insightful team members.

 I trained as a Coach to support leaders in being compassionate - to themselves and their teams - brave in acknowledging where things haven't gone right, and open to new ideas about how to move forward.

To the lovely people who work in the places where failure is the end of the story, rather than the beginning: I'm here and ready to listen. You are enough and you deserve more.

*Props to Mrs Woodward, my kid's nursery teacher for this phrase. Choices matter, learning from the consequences of those choices matters even more.

What I'm dancing to this week💃: Taylor's 'I can do it with a broken heart'. It's a banger and gives me Recovering People Pleaser vibes.

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