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Are you feeling stuck? Seeking clarity in your role or life? I will work with you to set some clear goals, then offer the gift of listening and incisive questions, to help you navigate your route through whatever complexity you are facing.

Emma Duke smiles while looking on at her coaching client. She's wearing black glasses and a red-spotted jumpsuit. She is sitting down
The logo reads 'ICF Professional Coaches'
Image shows the Barefoot Coaching logo and reads 'Trained Coach'

How will we work together?

I see Coaching as a co-responsibility. I provide the space, time and prompts to help you gain clarity over areas of your life or work, free of judgement. You’ll bring the issue you want to think through and be ready to do the thinking during and between our sessions together.

What am I like as a Coach?

I’m a good listener and won’t judge you or your decisions. I’m playful so we’ll have fun, but there’s plenty of supportive time and space if things feel a bit darker that day. Fundamental to our time together is trust, so I will be honest and open with you and ask you to do the same.

What are my qualifications and background?

I trained with Barefoot Coaching and am in the process of becoming accredited by the International Coaching Federation. I’m also a Chartered PR Fellow with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and Board Director, so I’ll bring years of business, charity and governance experience to our time together too.

How do you know it will work?

You don’t, but a good chat before we start will help us both know whether we have the right chemistry. We can meet online or in person and then you can decide where you want to go from there. Get in touch here or on LinkedIn.

I trained as a Coach through the Barefoot Flagship Programme and I'm a member of the ICF, meaning that I adhere to its core competencies, code of ethics and code of conduct.

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