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Strategic communications

At the core of any successful business or campaign is a clear, results-focused, insightful strategy. 


I have developed and executed many throughout my career and this formed a large part of both my Diploma and Chartership qualifications with the CIPR. Through my questioning, listening, sector expertise and research, I help organisations get to the core of what they want  to achieve, who they want to reach and how they will do that, delivering clear impact and growth.

Get in touch if your communications need some strategic direction. 

A black and white image shows an audience from above, so we can see the top and back of their heads.

Audience infused

Every strategy should be based on the insights you have gathered from your stakeholders, your objectives for how you'd like to change the perceptions or behaviours of those stakeholders and how you will measure the impact of your campaign based on their feedback. Communications is a dialogue.


I will work with you to set clear and measurable objectives for you campaign. I measure my campaigns using the AMEC framework to ensure that we measure outcomes, not just how many journalists we sent the press release to, or how many likes the announcement got on Yammer.

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